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    1. 我们应当尽力学好英语。

    We should try our best to learn English well. 2. 我们中大多数人对滑冰很感兴趣。Most of us are interested in skating. 3. 我爸爸昨天给我买了一双鞋。My father bought me a pair of sports shoes. 4. 顺便问一下,他们何时到达车站?By the way, when will they reach the station? 5. 我有些重要的事告诉你。I have something important to tell you. 6. 他在上学的路上遇到了一位老朋友。He met an old friend on the way to school. 7. 你为什么要跑到房子外面去?Why did you get/run out of the room? 8. 他父母都是美国人。His parents are from the United States. 9. 我去过长城两次。I have been to the Great Wall twice. 10.我和彼得是好朋友,因为我们都喜爱体育运动,所以我们之间相处得很好。

    Peter and I are good friends. We get along well because we both like sports. 11.我正打算睡觉,你不介意把音乐调低些吧? I"m trying to sleep. Could you please turn down the music? 12.我自从十岁就学习中国历史。I have been learning Chinese history since I was 10 years old. 13. 为什么不给他买个照相机呢?Why don"t you buy him a camera? 14.我们大多数人或许都听说过米老鼠、唐老鸭和其他著名的迪士尼人物。

    Most of us have probably heard of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and many other famous Disney characters. 15.他对数学很感兴趣。

    He is very interested in math. 16.他们的钱用完了。They have run out of money. 17.顺便问一下,哪一条是去邮局的路?By the way, which is the way to the post office? 18.我们应该尽力帮助老年人。We should try our best to help the old. 19. 把你的电视音量调小些好吗? 太吵了。

    Could you please turn down your TV? It"s too noisy. 20. 请把书还给图书馆。

    Please return the book to the library. 21. --你介意收拾你的房间吗? -- 抱歉,我马上就做。

    Would you mind cleaning your room? --Sorry, I"ll do it right away. 22. --你介意不在这里打棒球吗? --抱歉。我们去公园打吧。

    Would you mind not playing baseball? --Sorry. Let"s play in the park. 23. --你能洗一下盘子吗? --好。我马上就做。

    Could you please do the dishes? --OK. I will do it at once. 24. 你买的钢笔坏了。The pen you bought didn"t work. 25. 当有人在我读书时跟我说话时我很生气。

    I get annoyed when someone talks to me while I am reading. 26. 欢迎到我们学校。

    Welcome to our school. 27.我们应该尽量做到不烦恼。We should try not to be annoyed. 28.这支钢笔没法用,你可以再给我看一支吗? This pen doesn"t work. Would you mind showing me another one? 29.我在学校图书馆总有这样的事发生。This happens to me all the time in the school library. 30.尼克,别穿这件衬衫好吗? 看上去太旧了。

    Nick, would you mind not wearing this shirt? It looks too old. 31.把你的电视音量调小些好吗? 太吵了。

    Would you mind turning down your TV? It"s too noisy. 32.对不起,我马上做。

    I"m sorry. I"ll do it right away. 33.好的,没问题。

    OK, that"s no problem. 34.我洗完盘子你能帮我做作业吗? Could you help me with my homework after I finish doing the dishes? 35. 明天是我哥的生日, 我该给他买点什么呢? Tomorrow is my brother"s birthday. What should I _buy for him? 36. 你曾经受到的最好的礼物是什么? What"s the best gift you have ever received? 37. 大肚猪太难照顾。

    Pot-bellied pigs are too difficult to take care of. 38. 在不同国家送礼不同。

    Gift giving is different in different countries. 39. 他想和他妈一起去也不愿一个人呆在家里。

    He wanted to go with his mother rather than stay at home all by himself. 40. 你们何不学习英文歌曲呢? Why don"t you learn English songs? 41. 你为什么不给她买条围巾? Why don"t you buy her a scarf ? 42. --围巾怎么样?--不,那太乏味了。-- How about a scarf. --No, that"s too boring. 43. 乔曾经收到的最好的礼物是什么?What"s the best gift Joe has ever received? 44.我认为对一个六岁的孩子来说,狗是一只好宠物。

    I think a dog is a good pet for a six-year- old child. 45.然而,和一头猪生活不总是完美的。

    However, life with a pig isn"t always perfect. 46. 他们仅仅值五美元。

    They only cost 5 dollars. 47. 我们应在奥运会到来之前努力取得进步。

    We should try to make progress before the Olympics. 48. 也许你甚至还可以同以英语为母语的人交朋友。

    Maybe you could even make friends with a native speaker of English. 49.小狗太难照看了。A baby dog is too difficult to take care of. 50. 这种竞赛鼓励中国人说英语。

    This kind of contest encourages people in China to speak English. 51.开心学英语是一个很好的主意。

    It"s a good idea to have fun with/learning English. 52. 以前我从来没读过这么好笑的故事。

    I have never read a funny story like this. 53. 你曾经和你的同桌争吵过吗?Have you ever argued with your desk mate? 54. 你为什么想去讲英语的国家工作? Why do you want to work in an English-speaking country? 55. 我们每天花一个小时做作业。It takes us an hour to do our homework. 56. 你去过说英语的国家吗?没有去过。

    Have you ever been to English-speaking countries? No, I haven"t. 57. 我们每天花一个小时做作业。It takes us an hour to do homework every day. 58. 他们已经决定学习英语了。

    They have decided to study English. 59. 学好英语的最好方法是尽可能的多说。

    The best way to study English well is to speak as often as possible. 60. 我妈妈在这家医院已经当医生十三年了。

    My mom has been a doctor in this hospital for 13 years. 61. 我发现足球赛确实很精彩。

    I found the football match really exciting. 62. 我正在考虑飞往上海而不是乘火车。

    I"m thinking about flying to Shanghai rather than going there by train. 63. 我爷爷没有去过美国。我爸爸也没有去过。

    --- My grandfather hasn"t been to America. ---- Neither has my father. 64. 他们两个以前都不喜欢看电视。

    Neither of them liked watching TV. 65. 我的听力技巧需要提高。My listening skills need improving. 66. 看起来他的确赢了那场比赛。

    It seems that he really won that match. 67. 他昨天告诉了我一些关于汤姆的一些事。

    He told me something about Tom yesterday. 68. 做班里拔尖学生不容易。

    It isn"t easy to be the top students in the class. 69. 谢谢你邀请我参加你的聚会。

    Thanks for inviting me to your party. 70. 中国人对外国朋友很友好。

    Chinese are always kind/friendly to foreign guests. 71. 你能帮我搬这个大盒子吗? Could you help me to carry the heavy box? 72. 我们学校至少有 1500 名同学。

    There are at least 1500 students in our school. 73. 你和你的朋友们相处的如何?How are you getting along with your friends? 74. 昨天我们举办了家宴。

    Yesterday we had a family party. 75. 我写完所有作业之后才开始看电视。

    I didn"t watch TV until I finished all my homework. 76. 直到昨天下午 5 点,我们才离开公园。

    We didn"t leave the park until five o"clock yesterday afternoon . 77. 我们已把教室打扫干净。教室到处都很干净、整齐。

    We have already cleaned the classroom. It"s clean and tidy everywhere. 78. 汤姆和迈克两个人都在学习 Both Tom and Mike are studying. 79. 在候车时,你应该排队等候。

    You are supposed to wait in line while waiting for a bus. 80. 很多人都听说过万里长城。

    Most of us have probably have heard of the Great Wall. 81. 你曾经去过北京看故宫吗? Have you ever been to Beijing to see the Palace Museum? 82. 这种事情经常发生在我身上。This kind of thing often happens to me. 83. 那个歌手举办了一个音乐会给贫困学生筹钱。

    The singer held a concert to raise money for the poor students. 84. 杰克上个月回英国了,不是吗?Jack went back to England last month, dindn"t he? 85. 莉莉的爷爷身体很健康。

    Lily"s grandpa is in good health. 86. 你介意不在这里打羽毛球吗? Would you mind not playing badminton here? 87. -你爷爷喜欢喝中国茶,不是吗?-是的,他喜欢。

    Your grandfather likes green tea, doesn"t he? Yes, he does. He is a great artist.他是一位杰出的美术家。

    Constable was a great English artist.康斯太布尔是一位伟大的英国画家。

    The picture was painted by a famous artist.这幅画是由一著名画家画的。

    The carpenter has crafted this cupboard beautifully-he"s a real artist. 那个木匠做的这个柜子很漂亮--他真是个能工巧匠。

    She is as tall as her mother.她和她母亲一样高。

    He runs as fast as Paul.他跑得和保罗一样快。

    Ade doesn"t play half as well as Cage.艾德演奏的水平不及凯奇的一半。

    Smith works as hard as you used to.史密斯和你从前一样工作努力。

    You must speak English as much as possible.你必须尽量多说英语。

    You"ve made as many mistakes as I have.你犯的错误和我一样多。

    They are having almost as much unemployment as we are.他们的失业者几乎和我们一样多。

    As a child,he lived in Japan.他小的时候住在日本。

    This chair can also function as a bed.这张椅子可兼做床用。

    This watch was given me as a birthday present.这只表是作为生日礼物送给我的。

    She is known as Mary.她叫玛丽。

    France is famous as a wine-producing country.法国以产酒国著称于世。

    He does this job as a skilled labour.他做起这个活像个熟手。

    He kept a journal of his wanderings across Asia. 他记自己漫游亚洲的日记。

    The company has begun to scale down its operations in Asia. 这家公司已开始减少在亚洲的业务。

    China is a developing country in Asia. 中国是亚洲的发展中国家。

    It is a programme beamed at Asia. 这是一个对亚洲地区广播的节目。

    Go away!走开! Some birds flew away.鸟儿飞走了。

    Brooks got angry and away he went.布鲁克斯生了气,转身就走了。

    People began to move away.人们开始离去了。

    He jumped off the police van and ran away.他跳下警车跑掉了。

    He rode away at full speed.他骑马飞驰而去。

    They filed away for the north.他们排成一列纵队往北走。

    He swam away from the ship.他从船边游了开去。

    American civilization differs from ours. 美国的社会和生活方式和我们的不同。

    An American conglomerate holds a major share in the company. 一家美国的大联合企业持有该公司的大部分股份。

    The American eagle stands on a perch. 美洲鹰站在栖木上。

    People of many American countries observe the Christmas Day. 美洲的大多数国家的人都过圣诞节。

    My friends" angry words hurt my feelings.我朋友们的气话伤害了我的感情。

    They exchanged angry words.他们互相对骂。

    He always has angry words with Ade.他总是和艾德吵架。

    She gave me an angry look.她生气地瞪了我一眼。

    I was very angry at his idea.我对他的主意很气愤。

    It"ll make me angry if you"ll accept it.你要接受这东西会使我生气的。

    That boy will be another Nelson.那个男孩将成为尼尔逊第二。

    Have another piece of cake.请再来块蛋糕。

    They had three goals in the first half, and another two in the second. 他们在上半场进了三个球,下半场又进两个。

    Look at the difficulty in another way.用另一种不同的观点看待困难。 He broke his arm in an accident.他在一次事故中折断了手臂。

    They took me by the arm.他们抓住我的胳膊。

    Every person has two arms, the right arm and the left arm.每个人都有两支手臂,左臂和右臂。

    The right arm is usually stronger.右臂通常较强壮。

    She put her arm around his neck and kissed him.她搂住他的脖子,吻了他。

    Don"t stay under the arm of a derrick!不要在起重机的吊臂下! They were not allowed to use arms.不许他们使用武器。

    British policemen do not usually carry arms.英国警察通常不带武器。

    People were up in arms against the invaders.人民拿起武器反抗侵略者。

    Artists love life.艺术家热爱生活。

    Added to this, he is an untiring artist.而且,他是一个不知疲倦的艺术家。

    Some famous artists are appearing this summer.今年夏天有些著名的艺术家将登台演出。

    She died about two years ago.她大约在两年前就死了。

    I"ll be in Tokyo about the 15 or 18 of Feb.我大约在 2 月的 15 号或 18 号到东京。

    It snowed about every day last week.上星期差不多天天下雪。

    Have you ever acted? 你演过戏吗? How long have you been acting?你演戏有多久了? I don"t think that play will act.我看这个剧本没法上演。

    I"ve always wanted to act. 我一直以来都想演戏。

    The play is acting wonderfully well.这出戏上演得非常成功。

    We acted on the stage last night.昨晚我们上台表演了。

    Act Ⅰ takes place in a castle. 第一幕的场景是一座城堡。

    The act ended and the lights were turned on.幕终灯亮。

    Our next act is a very talented young musician. 我们的下一个演员是一位很有才华的年轻音乐家。

    The act broke up after 30 years. 30 年后这帮演员搭档分手了。

    He sat with his back to the stage all through the first act.演第一幕时,他自始至终背向舞台坐着。

    The hero does not enter until the second act. 男主角直到第二幕才出场。

    She is an active girl.她是一位活泼的姑娘。

    The cat is an active animal.猫是行动敏捷的动物。

    He is the most active student in our class.他是我们班最活跃的学生。

    This old man has an active brain.这位老人头脑灵敏。

    Mount Vesuvius is an active volcano.维苏威火山是座活火山。

    These young people have active minds.这些青年的思想很活跃。

    She has an active imagination.她有活跃的想象力。

    Try again.再试一次。

    Try it again, please.请再试一次。

    See you again.再见。

    Please say that sentence again.请把句子再说一遍。

    Come again when you"re free.有空时请再来。

    He was glad to be home again.他对再次回到家中感到高兴。

    If you fail the first time, try again.第一次不行,就再试一次。

    He won"t do that again.他再也不做那样的事了。

    She was never seen again.再没有人见过她。

    It"s good to see all my teachers and friends again.又见到我的老师和朋友们真好极了。

    Long, long ago there was a war between the birds and beasts. 很久很久以前,鸟类和兽类间发生了一场战争。

    He started working for us three years ago.他 3 年前开始为我们干活了。 I realized it three weeks ago.这是我在 3 个星期以前才明白的。

    She started studying with this instructor two months ago.她在两个月前,开始跟这位教员学习。

    We received his samples two days ago.我们两天前收到了他的样品。

    I sent out the samples four days ago.我是四天前寄出的样品。

    We held a fair two weeks ago.我们两周前曾举办过一次展览会。

    He was the only one alive then.他是当时唯一活下来的人。

    Who is the greatest man alive?谁是目前世界上最伟大的人物? The old man is still alive.那老人还活着。

    Although my car is very old, it still runs very well.我的汽车虽然很旧,但仍然跑得很快。

    Although he is rich, he is not happy.他虽然有钱,但并不快乐。

    They are generous, although they are poor.他们尽管穷,却十分慷慨。

    I have a lot of my father"s features, although I"m not so tall as he is. 我长得很像我父亲,但我没他那么高。

    They are generous although they are poor.他们虽穷,却很慷慨。

    He spoke with an American accent. 他说话带着美国英语口音。

    Bill Gates is an American citizen. 比尔· 盖茨是美国公民。



    1.S(主) + Vi(不及物动词)(谓)

    Time flies.

    1) S + V + adverbial(状语)

    Birds sing beautifully.

    2) S + Vi+ prep Phrase(介词短语)

    He went on holiday.

    3) S + Vi+ Infinitive (不定式)

    We stopped to have a rest.

    4) S + Vi+ Participle (分词)

    I"ll go swimming.

    2.S (主)+ Vt (及物动词)(谓)+ O(宾)

    We like English.

    1) S + VT + N/Pron

    I like music.

    I like her.

    2) S + VT + infinitive(不定式)

    I want to help him.


    3) S + VT + Wh-Word + Infinitive

    I don"t know what to do.

    常用于这句型的动词有:ask,consider,decide,discover,explain,find out,forget,guess,inquire,know,learn,observe,remember,see,settle,tell,think,understand,wonder等.

    4) S + VT + Gerund

    I enjoy living here.

    常用于这句型的动词有:admit,advise,avoid,consider,defend,enjoy,excuse,finish,forbid,mind,miss,practise,risk,suggest,give up,can"t help等.

    5) S + VT + That-clause

    I don"t think (that) he is right.


    3.S (主)+ V(谓)(lv)( 系动词)+ P(表)

    We are Chinese.

    除了be 系动词外,还有一些动词也可以用作系动词,1)表感官的动词,feel,smell,taste,sound,look,appear,seem 等.2) 表转变变化的动词,become,get,grow,turn,go,等.3)表延续的动词 remain,keep,seem,hold,stay,rest等.4)表瞬时的动词 come,fall,set,cut,occur等 5)其他动词 eat,lie,prove,ring,run,shine,sit,stand,continue,hang等.

    1) S + Lv + N/Pron(名词/代词)

    He is a boy.

    This is mine.

    2) S + Lv + Adj(形容词)

    She is beautiful.

    3) S + Lv + Adv (副词)

    Class is over.

    4) S + Lv + Prep Phrase

    He is in good health.

    5) S + Lv + Participle(分词)

    He is excited.

    The film is interesting.

    4.S (主)+ VT (谓)+ In O(间接 宾) + D O(直接 宾)

    I give you help.

    1) S + VT + N/Pron + N

    I sent him a book.

    I bought May a book.

    2) S + VT + N/Pron + To/for-phrase

    He sent a book to me.

    He bought a coat for me.

    间接宾语前需要加to 的常用动词有:allow,bring,deny,do(带来),give,grant,hand,leave,lend,offer,owe,pass,pay,permit,promise,read,refuse,render,restore,sell,send,show,teach,tell wish,write等.

    间接宾语前需要加for 的常用动词有:bring,buy,cash,choose,fetch,get,leave,make,order,paint,play(演奏),save,sing,spare等.

    5.S (主)+ VT(谓)+ O(宾) + O C(包a href="http://www.canlanjiao.com/zuozuowen/" target="_blank" class="keylink">霾梗?/p>

    I make you clear.

    1) S + VT + N/Pron + N

    We named our baby Tom.


    2) S + VT + N/Pron + Adj

    He painted the wall white.


    3) S + VT + N/Pron + Prep Phrase

    She always keeps everything in good order.

    4) S + VT + N/Pron + Infinitive

    I wish you to stay.

    I made him work

    常用于这句型的动词有:a)不定式带to的词:advice,allow,ask,beg,cause,choose,command,decide,encourage,expect,force,get,hate,invite,know,leave,like,love,order,permit,persuade,prefer,remain,request,teach,tell,want,warn,wish等.b)不定式不带to的词:feel,have,hear,know,let,listen to,look at,make,notice,see,watch等.

    5) S + VT + N/Pron + Participle (分词)

    I heard my name called.

    I feel something moving.

    常用于这句型的动词有:catch,feel,find,get,have,hear,imagine,keep,leave,listen to,look at,notice,observe,perceive,see,set,smell,start,watch等.

    6) S + VT + N/Pron + Wh-word + Infinitive

    He show me how to do it.


    7) S + VT + N/Pron + That-clause

    He told me that the film was great.


    8) S + VT + N/Pron + Wh-Clause

    He asked me what he should do.


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