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    高二英语鸿运手机版首页汇总(一) 假如你是李华,你校英语刊物 Student?s Stories 拟刊登一篇有关学习急救知 识重要性的短文。请你根据以下要点信息投稿: 上周六你和陈辉在张贴图画时, 他不慎从椅子上摔下来扭到了脚踝, 你理科 让他坐下,把腿抬高放在椅子上,进而冷敷,最后缠上绷带。

    Last Saturday, Chen Hui accidentally fell off a chair when he and I were putting up pictures. As a result, his ankle was sprained. Faced with this situation, firstly, I sat him down and reminded him not to put his weight on his ankle. Meanwhile, I helped him to put his leg up on the chair. After that, I took some ice and put it on that ankle to reduce the swelling. Finally, I bandaged up his sprained ankle. Three days later, he was fully recovered. Therefore, learning first-aid skills is of great importance. Not only can we save ourselves but also offer help to others. (二) 假设你是校“English Corner”的记者李华,请你就如下问题求救同是记 者的美国网友 Mr.Turner. 1. 如何写新闻标题更容易吸引读者。

    2. 如何写人物报道。

    Dear Mr. Turner, I really appreciate your valuable advice in your last letter and it helps me alot to fit in. but now I am troubled by these following questions. Firstly, would you please tell me how to write headlines which more easily attract readers? And next, I am eager to know how to write news reports about people. In fact, I have many other questions to ask you .So I sincerely hope we can have a face-to-face talk again if you come to China next time. I would appreciate it if you could reply as soon as possible.Yours, (三 ) 假如你是李华,你的表弟 Mike 从小待在国外,他是个旱鸭子(landlubber), 最近在学游泳;请你给他写封信,并提醒他注意安全。

    Dear Mike, I?m so amazed to hear that you are learning swimming! How should you change your mind and begin to learn swimming all of a sudden? No matter what you think, it?s really necessary for you, a landlubber, to know the following advice. First of all, never swim alone. You?d better go swimming all with your friends or your friends or your parents. Secondly, you musnt?s go swimming in dangerous waters. In addition, if you are hungry or exhausted, you?d better not go swimming. Needless to say, swimming is such a wonderful exercise. However, we must keep in mind that safety should always come first at any time Yours? Li Hua (四) 假定你是陈辉, 某英文报社在进行一个有关美术教育的调查, 请你用英语写 一则短文以备采访。内容包括: 1. 学生接受美术教育是很有必要的; 2. 接受美术教育的好处; 3. 希望所有学校都能重视美术教育。

    In my opinion, as students, we must receive art education, though it works on us slowly. The following are my reasons: First of all, art education can broaden our knowledge and reduce our stress; after all, we students are also under great pressure. Secondly, art education is character building. In addition, creativity will be developed and our memory will improve as well, if we get art education. Taking these benefits into consideration, I hope all the schools can attach great importance to art education, which will be beneficial not only to students? growth but also to the spread of traditional culture. (五) 假设你是王林,你刚应聘成功一份外企兼职工作。在这期间,你的外教 Mr Smith 不仅帮你完善了求职信, 还提出了一些面试建议。

    请你给 Mr Smith 写一 封信,向他表达谢意。

    Dear Mr Smith,I?m so excited to tell you that I have got that job. As you know, to work in that foreign company is my dream. I had made some revisions to my letter of application; however, I was still not sure of the language I had used. So I turned to you for help. I knew you had a very busy schedule, but you managed to spare time to perfect it. Thanks to your help, a lot of mistakes were corrected. And your advice really helped me a lot in my interview. Thank you for your kindness again. Yours respectfully, Wang Lin ( 六) 假如你是李宁,你的英国好友 Jeff 希望你能代给他的叔叔 Lucas 写一封信, 劝他不要经常熬夜,而要多锻炼身体。

    Dear Lucas, I?m terribly sorry that you fell ill again. I?m writing in the hope that you can give up those bad lifestyles. Staying up and not doing exercise are bad habits. On the one hand, they?ll gradually make you lose the ability to fight diseases. As a result, you ?ll feel exhausted and can?t focus your energy on what you want to do. On the otherhand, if you keep on staying up, you will lose your memory day by day. Considering these, I hope that you can understand my mind and break yourself of the two bad habits to keep healthy. Yours, (七) 假设你叫李华,最近你学校组织全体学生进行了一次地震演习(drill) 。请 根据下表信息给你的英国笔友 Peter 写一封电子邮件,介绍这次活动的经过, 并谈谈你的体会。

    时间 上周五上午十点 1.提前对学生进行培训; 经过 2.听到警报声,钻到课桌下; 3.警报结束后,跑步到操场集合。

    Dear Peter, How is everything? I am writing to tell you an earthquake drill we had in my school last Friday. It was held at 10:00 am. Before the event, teachers gave us detailed instructions in the classroom. When the alarm rang, we hid ourselves under the desks as quickly as we could. Once the alarm ended, we ran downstairs under the guidance of the teachers and gathered in the playground within a few minutes. Through this rescue drill, we have learned how to escape safely in case an earthquake occurs. I think such a drill is necessary for us. (八 ) 假设你是李华。最近,你的英国朋友 Nick 发来一封电子邮件,询问你最喜 欢的中国传统节日。请你根据以下提示,给他写一封回信。内容包括:1.最喜欢中秋节; 2.简要介绍中秋节。

    Dear Nick I am delighted to know you are interested in Chinese culture. I am writing to tell you about my favorite traditional Chinese festival, the Mid-Festival. It falls on the 15th day of the 8th month in lunar calendar. As its name suggests, it is usually celebrated in the middle of the autumn when the farmers get a good harvest. Family members will get together to have a big meal and then enjoy the bright moon while eating moon cakes and all kinds of fruits. It is a time for people to relax and enjoy life for a moment. I like this festival because I can taste various delicious moon cakes. (九 ) 假设你是李华。

    你市将于下个月举办一场国际自行车大赛, 现需要招募一批 英语志愿者。请根据以下提示给组委会写一封英文申请信。内容包括: 1. 介绍你的基本情况; 2. 申请当志愿者的理由; 3. 希望被录用 Dear sir or Madame I am Li Hua, a student from Xinhua Middle School. I am excited to know the International Cycling Competition will be held in our city next month. I am writing to apply to be a volunteer. As a 10-year-old boy, I am friendly and open-minded. I am fond of playing sports in my spare time. The advantages I have are as follows: first, I can speak English fluently. Second, as a monitor, I know how to get along well with others. More importantly, I would like to take the opportunity to serve our society and put my talent into good use. I hope you can give me a chance. Thank you. (十 ) 假设你是李华, 美国交换生 Charile 在网上发帖, 希望有人能帮助他学习汉语, 他可以教英语作为回报。


    内容 包括: 1. 愿意提供帮助; 2. 介绍个人情况; 3. 希望他如何帮助你。

    Dear Charlie, I learned that you want to improve Chinese. I am the one you need. Let me introduce myself. I have been learning Chinese for many years. I?m quite confident that I can help you improve your Chinese. I advise you to practice speaking Chinese every day because “practice makes perfect”. It is also a good idea to read Chinese books and see Chinese films. You know, I?m eager to improve my English. I hope we can chat with each otherin both English and Chinese for half an hour in the evening so that we can improve our speaking ability. Looking forward to your early reply! (十一)假设你是李华,你校英语刊物开办专栏 Great Scientists,请你根据下表信息 给专栏写一篇英语短文来介绍为中国的能源,地震预测等作出的巨大贡献的 ‘中国地质学之父’李四光先生。

    参考词汇:地质学 geology 伯明翰大学 University of Birmingham 时间 1889.10.26 1913.10-1918.6 学 20 世纪 20 年代 1971.4.29 任教于北京大学 因病逝世 事件 出生于湖北黄冈 就读于英国伯明翰大One possible version: Born on October 26, 1889 in Huanggang, Hubei Province, Li Siguang is called the Father of Geology in china. Form October 1913 to June 1918 he received advanced education in the University of Birmingham, where he mastered English. In the 1920s, he taught in Beijing University. As a great scientist, he made lots of research on China?s energy, earthquakes etc. He loved his motherland and whatever difficulties he ran into, he never gave up. Unfortunately, he died of an illness on April 29, 1971 Li Siguang is a great scientist and will always be remembered for his great contributions to the constructions of New China. (十二) 大英博物馆(British Museum)是世界上首家国立公共博物馆,请你根据以 下要点提示写一篇介绍大英博物馆的英语短文: 1. 建立于 1753 年,于 1759 年 1 月 15 日正式对外开放; 2. 除了两次世界大战期间,博物馆一直都对外开放并逐渐延长开放时间; 3. 入馆人数由每年的 5000 增至今天的 600 万。

    One possible version Once you come to London, you can?t miss the British Museum, the first national public museum in the world. The museum, founded in 1753, was open to the public on January 15, 1795. Except during two World Wars, the Museum has remained open ever since, gradually increasing its opening hours and visitor numbers form 5,000 per year to today?s 6 million. The Museum has attracted crowds of all ages and social classes, particularly on public holidays. Here you can see a lot of collections of human history, art, and culture. By enjoying these collections, you can have a better understanding of the development of human society. (十三) 假设你是李华,请你根据以下内容提示,写一篇英语日记。

    内容: 12 月 25 日,星期天,天气晴。你和好友李明骑行去爬山。到达山顶 后遇到一对美国老夫妇。你们帮助他们拍照,临别时互送祝福。

    Being tired of staying at home, I called my friend Li Ming to go climbing with me. Then we set off at 8 am. After one hour ?s bike ride, we arrived at the foot of the mountain. It took us about two hours to get to the top of the mountain. When we were going to leave, an old couple from America came to us and asked us whether we could help take some photos of them. We helped them out and then we chatted in English for half an hour. It was so exciting. We said goodbye to each other after sending our best wishes. It was a tiring but happy day!(十四) 假定你是李华, 上周日你在公园散步时看到一位残疾女孩帮助他人的感人事 迹。请根据下列要点提示,给英语校报的 Warm Moments 栏目投稿。

    1. 突降大雨冲散人群,一位老爷爷摔倒; 2. 残疾女孩见状提供帮助; 3 .谈谈你对此事的感悟。

    It was sunny last Sunday, and I was wandering in the park alone. Suddenly, a wind blew and it began raining heavily. When people rushed here and there to seek shelter from the rain, an old man fell over. Seeing this, a young girl with a disabled leg turned back immediately and struggled to help him move to the nearest shelter. Everyone including me was shocked by her deeds. She not only warmed the heart of the old man but set a good example to everyone there. She makes me understand the world will be a better place if everyone gives out a little love. (十五) . 假设你是李华,你的澳洲好友 John 一月将要和家人来哈尔滨看冰灯。请你 根据以下要点提示给他发一封电子邮件。内容包括: 1. 记得准备些暖和的衣服; 2. 提前了解中国入关禁忌; 3. 祝他们旅途顺利。

    参考词汇:哈尔滨冰灯节 Harbin Ice Lantern Festival One possible version: Dear John, I am delighted to know that you are planning to visit China with your family in January. I am writing to offer you some advice. First, as it will be very cold in Harbin, you should prepare enough warm clothing. Besides, China has strict rules on illegal aliens, so you ?d better look for more detailed information on the website to avoid any trouble while going through the customs. Harbin Ice lantern Festival attracts a great number of visitors from around the world every year. When night falls, I?m sure you will be charmed by its beauty. Wish you a pleasant journey!I am writing to invite you to give us a lecture on the origin and customs of Thanks-giving Day. You know all the members of the English Club gather in the library at 5pm every day, where we learn more about Western cultures and customs. As planned, we expect you to gave us a lecture on Thanking-giving Day at 5:20 pm next Friday. The lecture will last for 40 minutes .We?d appreciate it if you can come. Looking forward to you early reply. (十七) 假设你是李华,你发现自从学校调整作息时间以来,多数同学出现睡眠不够, 上课精力不集中等现象。请你给校英语报“畅谈天地”投稿,希望该现象能引 起重视· 。Yours, (十六) 假设你是李华,是校英语俱乐部的负责人。你打算邀请外教 Mr. Smith 参加 活动, 并为大家介绍感恩节的由来和风俗习惯。

    请根据以下信息写一封邀请信 内容包括: 时间 地点 参加者 One possible version: Dear Mr. Smith, 下周五下午 5:20-6;00 图书馆 校英语俱乐部成员One possible version; I am Li Hua, a student from Class Six, Grade Two. I am writing to share our problem with you, hoping our timetable could be adjusted . Now a lot of us students have difficulty adapting to the new timetable. We get up at 5:30 am and go to bed at 10:30 pm . As a result , we don ?t have enough time to sleep at night .That is why we always feel tired in class and cannot focus on our lessons . I suggest we get up at 6:00 and go to bed at 10:00. Since good sleep is so important to us , I hope our suggestion could be considered seriously. (十八) 假设你是李华,你在英国旅游乘坐车租车时,把一个背包忘在了车上。请你 给出租车公司经理写一封求助信。

    Dear Manager, I left my bag in a taxi belonging to your company , and could you give me a hang to find it as soon as possible? About 6 pm near London Zoo yesterday ,I look a taxi to London Bridge .I remember that the taxi driver was about 30 years old ,wearing a pair of big glasses , He was very talkative and we chatted all the way Sadly , I left so hurriedly that I left my bag in it. Inside the black and white bag , there is a book on how to make a successful speech , some souvenirs and two bank cards. I would appreciate it if you could help me . (十九) 假设你是李华。最近你的美国好友 Jack 来信说他发明的智能机器人在他们学 校举行的机器人设计比赛中获得一等奖。请你根据以下要点提示给他回一封 信。

    要点: 对他的获奖表示祝贺 Dear Jack, I am writing to offer my sincere congratulations on your winning the first prize in the robot design competition help in your school .I ?m really proud of you .As your friend ,I am lucky to be able to share your pleasure with you. 肯定他付出的努力 希望他以后有更多的发明“Everything comes to him who waits.” For these years , you ?ve shown great interest in robot design . Not only have you read many books about robotics, but also you have competed in many contests .Finally, you succeeded in winning the competition . I wish you better inventions in the future. (二十) 假设你是李华,上周你陪新来的的外教 Mike 参加了“争做园丁”志愿者活动。

    随后 Mike 在感谢信中透露想进一步了解校园花园的一些情况,请你根据一下 要点提示给他写一封回信,内容包括: 1.花园的美 2.学生参加整理花园 3.师生对花园的喜爱 Dear Make, It gives me great pleasure to do this voluntary work with you. Now I would like to tell you something about our school garden. Our school garden is considered as one of the most beautiful school garden in our city, where you can enjoy a variety of plants. There is a gardener taking care of it. The students take turns watering the plants regularly and picking up the fallen leaves. The garden is so beautiful that it ?s a privilege to study and work here. I am sure you will like it, too. (二十一) 假设你是韩梅,你的好朋友李雷是一位低头族。请你给李雷写一封信,劝他改 掉这个坏习惯。

    参考词汇:phubber 低头族 Dear Li Lei,Also ,your company is supposed to pay for the postage for the wrong trousers I?ll send back . Thank you for your consideration. Your sincerely Li Hua 月考鸿运手机版首页 Dear Editor, In order ti develop the students? interest in English learning, I?m writing to share some advice with you. First of all, the signs and slogans in our school should be written both in English and Chinese, which , I think, can create an atmosphere to learn English. Secondly, we should set up an English corner in our school, where we can practice 投诉信 our spoken English. Last but not least, our school should often invite some foreign teachers to come to school to communicate with us students. I?d appreciate it if you could possibly accept my advice. I ?m looking forward to seeing the change in the next future.Recently I?ve heard that you are showing greater enthusiasm for your phone even more than you favorite football. I can?t help giving you some advice. There is no doubt that phones are important in our life. However, being phubbers does bring us much harm. First of all, fixing our eyes on a small screen and bending our head too long will have very bad effects on our health. Besides, once we give our full attention to the screen on the road, it could be very dangerous. Last but least, this bad habit can also ruin your studies. So please don?t be a phubber any more.Dear sir, I?m writing to complain about a pair of trousers I recently purchased/bought form your website What I ordered was a pair of black size-27 trousers but I received a pair of dark green size-29 trousers instead . Worse still / What ?s worse /To make matters worse , there was a fifteen-day delay in delivering my trousers , which had been expected to arrive on June ! For the above reasons , I demand either a new pair of back size -27 trousers , should be pasted to me . immediately or I should be given a full refund( 退款) 。


    I m glad to receive your letter.I know you are planning to come to China by you last letter,so I want to invite you to visit the agritainment .

    Agritainment is very popular in my hometown and I think it should be a must for you to experience after you arrival.Here you can feel the truly countryside life and get closer to nature.There are so many plants,such as flowers,trees and so on.The fresh air and clear river will make you comfortable and relax.If you like,you also can go to the mountion to pick some fuits or wild vegetables by yourself.I believe that eating the vegetables and food by yourself,it s a amusing feeling.

    I hope you can go to the agritainment with me.I am looking forward your coming.


    Li Hua



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