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    【高一鸿运手机版首页】 池锝网 2018-06-11本文已影响


    Book 1 Module 11 be similar to 2 sb’s attitude to/towards…3 far from 4 a computer with a special screen 5 a enthusiastic woman called Ms Shen6 sb’s method of teaching=sb’s teaching method7 nothing like 8 reading comprehension9 have fun 10 feel bored=be bored11 introduce…to… 12 in groups 13 give…instructions on…14 by oneself=on one’s own15 improve sb’s spelling and handwriting 16 in a fun way17 in other words18 write a description of=describe19 look forward to doing20 be impressed with21 make (much) progress22 Would you mind doing?23 at the start/beginning of…24 at the end of…25 receive the high school diploma26 go to college 27 p>

    42 一个学年通常被分成两个学期,第一个学期是从9月到12月,第二个是从一月到5月。.43 这令人吃惊的消息使我吃惊。44 令人失望的消息使我失望。45他失望的表情暗示他很失望46 加入(我们的)活动 47加入一个组织48 入党49参加婚礼50参加开幕式 51 这座桥是那座桥的3倍长。52这座桥是那座桥的3倍长。53这座桥是那座桥的3倍长。54我口袋的钱是你口袋钱的三倍。

    55 北京的气候和青岛的气候是不一样的。56 什么也不如假期能使人快乐。

    Book 1 Module 21 be partient with sb 2 be patient of …3 be strict with sb, be strict in…4 avoid doing 5 admit doing admit admitted admitted6 hate doing7 appreciate doing 8 feel relaxed9 make sure 10 so that11 make(rapid)progress 12 as a result 13 as a result of…14 fall asleep fall fell fallen15 tell jokes=tell a joke 16 in fact 17 It doesn’t matter if/whether…18 What is your impression of…19 don’t dare to do=dare not do 20 get bored21 get excited22 prefer to do A rather than do B23 prefer doing A to doing B24 would rather do A than do B25 would do A rather than do B26 Have you got that?27 take/have a look at…28 that’s settled 29 It is up to you30 a couple of…31 the relationship between A and B32 be true of33 be considered(to be)important34 have problems with…35 state schools 36 private schools37 pay for 38 Good teachers make sure that everyone understands.39 I like teachers who are amusing and can laugh with students.40 My first impression of Mrs Li was that she was nervous and shy.41 The class really like working with her.42 She explains grammar so clearly that even I can understand it! – She avoids making you feel stupid.43 Mrs Li just smiles, so that you don’t feel completely stupid.44 We don’t dare to say a word unless she asks us to.45 There are a few students in our class who keep coming to class late but they are always on time for Mrs Chen’s class.46 During scientific experiments, she explains exactly what is happening and as a result my work is improving.47 I will do well with Mrs Chen teaching me.48 Mr Wu has only been teaching us for two weeks and he’s already very popular.49 He’s got so much energy, this is one class you do not fall asleep in.50 With prices going up, I’m having a hard life.51 He left with the door closed.52 He left with the door open.53 With many problems to settle, the president is having a hard time.54 He came in, with a book in his hand.55 He went out with the light on.56 The doctors are patient with patients.57 He became so excited that he couldn’t help laughing.58 He was such a good boy that he was praised. so good a boy59 I worked hard, so that I caught up with him60 I got up early so that I could catch the bus.61 It rained heavily. As a result, he stayed at home.62 As a result of the heavy rain, he stayed at home.Book 1 Module 21 对某人耐心2 对某事耐心3 对某人严格, 对某事严格4 避免做5 承认做6 厌恶做7 欣赏、感激做8 感到放松9 确保确使10 目的是结果是11 取得(迅速)进步12 结果是13 结果是14 入睡15 讲笑话16 事实上实际上17 是否…没多大关系18 你对于…的态度是…?19 不敢做20 感到厌倦21 感到激动22宁愿做A而不做B23宁愿做A而不做B24宁愿做A而不做B25宁愿做A而不做B26 你听到了了吗?27 看一看28 就这么定了29 由你来定30 两三个,几个31 A和B之间的关系32 也适用于33 被认为是重要的34 有…的问题35 公立学校36 私立学校37 支付38 好的教师确保每一个学生都理解 39 我喜欢有趣并能和学生同乐的老师。40 我对李女士的第一印象是她很紧张和害羞。41 整个班集体都喜欢和她一起工作。42 他解释语法如此清晰,以至于甚至我都能理解它,他避免使你感到愚蠢。43 李女士只是微笑,这样你就不会感到很愚蠢。44 我们不敢说一句话除非她叫我们说话。45 班上有几个学生总是上课迟到,但是他们总是准时上陈女士的课。46 在科学实验中,她确切地解释正在发生的一切,结果是我的学习正在提高。47 有陈女士教我我会学好的。48 吴先生一直教了两个周,就已经很受欢迎了。49 他有如此多的精力, 这是一堂你不会睡觉的课。50 价钱不断上涨,我生活艰难。51 他离开了,门关着,。52 他离开了,门开着。53 有许多问题要解决,总统日子不好过。54 他进来了,手里拿着一本书。55 他出去了,灯亮着。56 医生对于病人很耐心。57 他如此激动以至于他情不自禁地笑了。58 他是一个如此好的孩子以至于他受到了表扬。59 我努力工作,结果是我赶上了他。60 我起得早目的是我能够赶上公车。61 雨下得很大,结果是他呆在家里。62 由于大雨他呆在家里。

    Book 1 Module 31 get on 2 get off3 get into a taxi/helicopter4 get out of a taxi/helicopter5 take off6 be short for…7 be short of…8 in short/in a word9 not…any more10 out of date11 refer to 12 at midnight13 feel exhausted/get exhausted/be exhausted14 travel a long distance15 ride a bicycle/motorbike16 drive a car/taxi/train/bus17 on the coast 18 off the coast19 more than20 meals cooked by experts21 abandoned farms 22 trained animals23 look out of the window24 look out25 try doing26 try to do27 much better28 pass a law29 allow…to do30 allow doing31 Could I possily do…32 Would you mind(him/his)doing… 33 I’m sorry but…34 The fact is that…35 the visit to…36 all the time 37 so many children38 a 90-year-old actress called Mary39 a 30-kilometere journey40 at a speed of…41 reach a speed of…42 attend the opening/closing ceremony43 Where do you think most people live?44 Recently I had my first ride on a long-distance train.45 we got on in Sydney and we got off in Alice Springs, right in the middle of Australia, more than four thousand kilometers away.46 We ate meals cooked by experts.47 We saw abandoned farms which were built more than a hundred years ago.48 One night, at about midnight, I watched the night sky for about an hour.49 They tried riding horses, but the horses didn’t like the hot weather and sand.50 They and their camels did this until the 1920s.51 They passed a law which allowed people to shoot the animals if there were a problem.52 Travelling at a speed of over 400 kilometres per hour, the train can complete the 30-kilometer journey in eight minutes.53 We didn’t go to bed until midnight.54 Some people in their twenties went abroad in the 1920s/in the 1920’s.55 I I remember the day when my father tried to teach me how to ride a bike.56 refer to a dictionary=look up a word in a dictionary57 Don’t refer to him.=Don’t mention him.58 More than one room has been burned down59 Reading English is one of the fastest ways of improving English/to improve English.60 Yesterday I saw him for the first time.61 The first time I saw him, I fell in love with him. Book 1 Module 33 进入出租车/直升飞机4 从出租车/直升飞机出来6 是…缩写8 简言之10 过期11 指的是,涉及到12 在午夜13 感到筋疲力尽14 坐长途旅行15 骑自行车、摩托车16 开汽车/出租车/火车/公共汽车17 在海岸线上18 离开海岸线19 不仅仅是20 专家做的饭21 废弃的农场22 经过训练的骆驼23 向窗外看24 当心小心25 尝试做26 尽力做27 更好28 通过一个法律29 允许…做30 允许做…31 我能做…32 你介意(他)做…33 很抱歉可是…34 事实是…35 …的参观36 一直37 如此多的孩子38 一个叫做玛丽的90岁女演员39 一次30 公里的行程40 以…速度41 达到…的速度42 参加开幕式、闭幕式43 你认为大多数人住在哪里?44 近来我第一次乘坐了长途火车。45 我们是在悉尼上车,在4000多公里以外的澳大利亚中部的斯普林斯下车,并在火车上呆了两天两夜。46 我们吃了专家们做的饭菜。47 我们看到了被遗弃了的100年前建造的农庄。48 有一个晚上,大约是在半夜,差不多有整整一个小时我都在注视夜晚的天空 49 他们试着骑马,但那些马不喜欢炎热的天气和沙漠。50 直到20世纪20年代,阿富汗人和他们的骆驼还在做着这样的工作。51 他们通过了一项法律,这项法律允许人们射死动物如果有问题的话。52 以每小时超过400公里的速度运行,火车能够在8分钟内完成30公里的行程。53 我们直到午夜才上床睡觉。54 一些20多岁的人在20世纪20年代出国了。55 我记得我父亲尽力教我如何骑自行车的那一天。56 查字典57 不要谈他了58 不止一个屋子已经烧毁了59 读英语是提高英语的最快的方式之一。60 昨天,我第一次看见了他61 当我第一次看见他,我就爱上了他。

    Book 1 Module 41 put up 2 so far = up to know= till now3 get away from 4 a great many=many5 a number of6 the number of7 go up=rise8 feel fortunate (in) doing=feel fortunate to do9 a pretty park10 be pretty cold pretty well11 starve to death=die of starvation12 give a brief report of13 high-rise buildings/very high buildings/skyscrapers14 a five-storey apartment block15 be made of…16 live by the seaside17 What is the climate like?18 a business district 19 shopping malls=shopping centers20 be on the committee21 be born in...22 the neighbourhood committee23 art galleries24 exchange ideas25 make it26 at weekends27 can’t afford (to buy) sth28 make money=earn money29 move to 30 It is great go see you again.31 Congratulations!32 That sounds great to me. 33 The house is two storeys high/in height and is made of local stone.34 The fifteen-year-old girl lives in the countryside in southern Liaoning, about fifty miles away from the city of Dalian.35 It’s been six years since we last saw each other.36 This/It is the first/second/…/last time(that) I have visited your hometown.37 He said this/it was the first/second/last time(that) he had visited your hometown.38 This is one of the most attractive places (that) I have been to .39 It is pretty hot and wet in the summer, but it can be quite cold in the winter.40 The rent for the apartment there is very high.41 Now we are leaving the business district and approaching the harbour.42 I was just going to do that.43 So they tell me.44 What do you think the passage is about?45 There are times when I need to get out into the countryside. 46 Cities can be beautiful, but they are never beautiful in the way(that/in which) the countryside is beautiful.47 There are many people who feel the same way.48 There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly,….Secondly,….Thirdly,…. Finally,….49 Another problem is that it is becoming more and more difficult for farmers to make money from their farms.50 The countryside would be a sadder and uglier place without them.51 You don’t really see tourists where I live.52 You don’t really see tourists in places where I live.53 He has kept the book for two weeks.54 He bought the book two weeks ago.55 It is/has been two weeks since he bought the book.56 They have been away for an hour.57 They left an hour ago.58 It has/is an hour since they left.59 The number of people invited is fifty, but a number of them were absent for different reasons.Book 1 Module 41 举起,建造,搭起,张贴2 迄今为止7 价格上涨8 感到做幸运9 一个美丽的公园10 相当冷 相当好11 死于饥饿12 简短的报告一下13 摩天大楼14 一个五层的公寓楼15 由…制成16 住在海边17 气候怎样?18 一个商业区19 购物中心20 在委员会工作21 出生于…22 居委会23 艺术馆24 交流意见25 确定,搞定,定下来26 在周末27 负担不起买…28 赚钱29 搬到30 又见到你真是太棒了。31 祝贺你!32 这对我来说听起来真是太好了。33 这房子是两层高并且是由当地的石头制成。34 这个15岁的女孩住在距离大连城大约15英里的南部辽宁的乡下。35 自从我们上次见面已经有六年过去了。36 这是我第一/二/…/最后一次参观你的家乡。37他说这是他第一/二/…/最后一次参观你的家。38这是我曾经去过的最吸引人的地方之一。39在夏天天气又热又湿,但是在冬天天气有时会很冷的。40那里公寓楼的租金是很高的。41现在我们要离开商业区去港口。42我那时正想这样做呢。43他们也是这样告诉我的。44你认为这篇文章是关于什么的?45有时我也需要出去进入到乡下。46城市有时会是美丽的,但他们和乡下美丽的方式是不一样的。47有许多人感受是同样的。48对于这个有许多原因。第一,…。第二,…。第三,…。最后,…。49另一个问题是对于农民来说从农场上赚钱变得越来越困难。50若没有他们的话,乡下将成为一个更悲哀和丑陋的地方。51在我住的地方,你并没有真正地看到游客。52在我住的地方,你并没有真正地看到游客。53他买这本书有两个周了。54他两周前买了这本书。55自从他买这本书有两个周了。56他们已经离开一个小时了。57他一小时前离开了。58自从他离开已经有一个周了。59被邀请的人数是50,但许多的人因为不同的原因缺席了。

    Book 1 Module 51 in conclusion/ to conclude/in a word/in short/all in all 2. electrical equipment 3 add…to…4 add to=increase5 add up to 6 used to do7 be used to do8 be/get used to doing/n9 in the area/field of10 be proud of=take pride in11 be supposed to①=should②被认为是…out of…13 keep… away from…14 keep off 15 keep back16 (much)to sb’s astonishment=to sb’s(great)astonishment17 in weight/ in depth/in length18 at the top of…19 at the bottom of…20 react with21 react to22 It is hard/difficult/important (for sb)to do…23 keep the noise down24 go down 25 It is sb’s turn to do…26 go ahead27 carry out/do/make a scientific experiment28 in order 29 out of order30 put …in order 31 written work 32 learn from… 33 leave the tube for an hour34 leave …as it is =leave …alone35 leave the door open36 leave…standing37 leave the door closed38 You have got it!39 science facilities40 first-class/top-class scientists41 at university 42 keep the balance of nature43 aim to do=aim at doing44 no more than=only45 not more than= at most 46 harder and harder/more and more difficult47 The harder your work, the greater progress you’ll make.48 The more careful you are, the fewer mistakes you will make.49 A is no richer than B.=A is as poor as B 50 Two-thirds of the earth’s surface is water.51 The pronunciation of large numbers in English is different from that in Chinese.52 It is important to know how they react with different substances, for example, water and oxygen.53 The reaction of metals with substances can be put in order.54 Here is a table with the metals that react most at the top, and the metal that react least at the bottom.55 Add some oil to the water. This will keep air out of the water.56 Iron doesn’t rust in air-free water.57 The science facilities are very good, with laboratories that have all the latest equipment.58 Our chemistry teacher, Mr Long takes us to public science lectures about four times a term.59 These are always interesting, as the lecturer are people who have made real discoveries in their area of science.60 In the last twenty years, seven Canadian scientists have won the Nobel Prize.61 I’m going to try to go to either Montreal or Ottawa University, as both are supposed to have good Physics department.62 The astonishing news astonished us.63 To my astonishment, he succeeded.64 He looked at me in astonishment.Book 1 Module 51 总之,简言之,一句话 2 电子设备3 加… 到…4 增加了5 合起来总共有6 过去常常做7 被用来做8 习惯于做9 在…领域10 因...自豪11 ①应该②被认为是…不进入…13使…远离14 避开,防止,挡住15 保留阻止16令某人(非常)吃惊的是17 在重量/深度/长度方面18 在(…的)顶部 19 在(…的)底部20 和…反应21 对…做出反应22 (对于某人来说)做…是困难的/重要的23 安静下来24 降低,低下来25 轮到…做某事26 去说吧,去用吧,去干吧27 进行科学实验28 按顺序29 不按顺序,紊乱,出故障30 把…按顺序排列31 书面作业32 从…中学习;向…学习33 把试管放置一个星期34 不去动…;不理睬…35 使门开着36 使…一直站着37 使门关着38 你猜对了/你说对了39 科研设备40 一流的科学家41 在大学42 保持自然平衡43 目的是做…44 只有;仅仅45 至多;不多于46 越来越难47 你工作的越努力你取得的进步就越大 48 你越仔细,你犯的错误就越少。

    49 A和B一样不富裕/A和B一样穷50 地球表面的三分之二是水51 英语中大数字的发音和汉语是不一样的 52 了解金属与不同的物质(例如水和氧)如何发生反应,这一点很重要。53 金属和物质的反应程度可以按顺序排列起来。54 这有一张金属反应表,反应最剧烈的金属位于顶部,反应最缓慢的金属位于底部。55 在水里加点油,这样可以使空气不进入水中。56 铁在没有空气的水里不生锈。57 这些科研设备非常好,实验室配有最新的设备58我们的化学老师朗福德先生大约每个学期带我们去听四次大众科学讲座。59 这些讲座总是很有趣,因为做讲座的人都是在各自的科研领域里真正有所发现的人。60 在最近的20年里,有7位意大利科学家已经赢得了诺贝尔奖。61 我打算争取去蒙特利尔或渥太华大学,因为这两个都有不错的物理系。

    62 令人吃惊的消息使我吃惊。63 令我吃惊的是,他成功了。64 他惊奇地看着我。Book 1 Module 61 access information 2 have/gain/obtain access to sth=access sth 3 sth be accessible to sb4 ask (sb)for permission 5 without permission6 permit/allow sb to do7 permit/allow doing8 concentrate (one’s mind/attention)on/upon…9 from that moment on=from then on10 at the moment=at present=now11 become/be known/famous as…12 become/be known/famous for…13 become/be known/famous to sb14 spend time (in) doing15 spend time/money on…16 why not do…?17 make/earn a lot of money18 in sb’s opinion相当于sb think19 in that case20 take a photograph21 communicate with sb22 store information23 click on 24 log on 25 log off26 surf the internet27 work as a lecturer 28 send text/short messages29 take out30 a series of31 compare…with…32 compare…to…33 The textbook contains seven modules, including module 6.34 My computer had a breakdown.=My computer broke down.35 We flew to Taiwan via(by way of) Hongkong.36 Weather permitting, we will leave.=If weather permits, we will leave. 37 She as well as I is fond of physics.38 She is fond of physics, and I’m fond of physics as well.39 He came up with an idea.40 A plan came up.41 Our class consists of 51 students.= Our class is made up of 51 students.42 Compared with him, I am lucky/fortunate.43 Life is compared to a stage.44 It becomes possible for sb to do.45 What can I do for you?46 If you need any help, don’t hesitate to call us.47 It consists of millions of pages of data.48 The world Wide Web(the web) is a computer network that allows computer users to access information from millions of websites via the internet.49 The percentage is going down.50 Berners-Lee built his first computer while (he was )at university using an old television. 51 He came up with the idea of the World Wide Web in 1989 while (he was) working in Switzerland.52 He made it possible for everyone to use the internet.53 He designed the first “web browser”, which allowed computer users to access documents from other computers.54 The number of Internet users rose/increased from 600,000 to 40million.55 Everyone in the world can access the Internet using his World Wide Web system.56 Talking on a mobile phone is expensive, so a lot of people send text messages.57 You can make it even cheaper by shortening the words that you use.58 The number of mobile phone users in China is expected to reach 500 million.59 The Internet plays an important part/role in everyday life. Book 1 Module 61 获取信息2 可以使用(接近)…3 sth 对于sb来说sth是可以使用(接近)的 4 请求某人许可5 未经许可6 允许/许可某人做7 允许/许可做…8 全神贯注于9从那时起10 此刻此时11 做为…而著名12 因为…而著名13 对于sb是著名14 花费时间做…15 花费时间做…,花钱买…16 为什么不做…?17 赚许多钱18 在某人看来19 在那种情形下20 拍照21 和某人交流22 存储信息23 敲击,点击24 登录(进入)25 (登录)退出26 网上冲浪,上网27 从事讲师的工作28 发短信29 拿出,取出30 一系列的31 把…和…做比较32 把…比做…33 这个课本包含7个模块,包括第6模块 34 我的计算机出故障了 35 我们经过/取道香港飞到了台湾。36 天气许可的话,我们就离开。

    37 她和我都喜欢物理。38 她喜欢物理,我也喜欢物理。

    39 他想出了一个主意。40一个计划被提出了41 我们班由51个学生组成。

    42 和他相比,我是幸运的。43 人生好比一个大舞台。44 对于sb来说做…是可能的/sb可能会做。45 我能为你做点什么?46 若你需要帮助,尽管叫我。47 它是由上百万的数据页组成。48 万维网是一个允许计算机用户通过因特网,从几百万网站中获取信息的计算机网络。

    49 这个比率正在下降。50 读大学时,贝尔纳斯-李利用一台旧电视机制成了他的第一台电脑。51 1989年,当他在瑞士工作的时候,他提出了创建万维网的想法。52 他使每一个人都可以使用因特网。53 他设计了第一个网络浏览器,这使得计算机用户可以从其他电脑上获取文件。

    54 网络用户的数量从60万剧增到4000万。

    55 任何人都可以利用万维网系统进入因特网。56 打电话消费高,所以许多人发送短信。

    57 你可以通过缩短你使用的单词使发短信更便宜。58中国移动电话用户数量有望达5亿。



    四川省高中英语必修一模块 1 课文译文直译法为主-----有利于基础差生预先课文Module1 My First Day at Senior High我高中生涯的第一天 /我读高中的第一天我叫李康。我住石家庄,离北京不远的一个城市。它是河北省的首府(省会)城市。


    我的新学校很好,我明白为什么(它好) 。老师们都很热情、友好,教室(课堂)很令 人感到惊奇。每个教室都有一台电脑,配有独特的显示屏,几乎与电影院的银幕一样大。

    老师在电脑上写,他们的言语就在他们后面的屏幕上显示出来。屏幕也显示来自于各网站 的照片、文本和信息。它们真精彩! 英语课特有趣。老师是非常热情的叫做沈老师的女士。我们正在使用一本新教材,沈 老师的教学方法与我初中老师的教学方法不一样。她认为阅读理解很重要,但我们在课堂 上也讲很多。我们过得很高兴。我认为我不会厌烦沈老师的课! 今天,我们彼此介绍了自己。我们是分组介绍的。一些学生开初很尴尬,但大家都很 友好,这(活动)真是很好。沈老师给予了我们一些指导,然后我们独立学习。

    沈老师想帮助我们改进我们的拼写与书写。我们用有趣的方式做这事,有拼写游戏和 其它活动。我非常喜欢她的(教学)态度,其他学生的行为表现标明他们也喜欢她。

    我班有 65 位学生——比我初中时以前那个班多。其中的 49 个是女生。换句话说,女生 是男生的三倍。他们(人们)说女孩通常比男生更勤奋,但在这个班上,每个人都很努力。

    就我们今晚的作业而言,我们必须写一篇描写我们所居住街道的短文。我正期待着做这个 作业!

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